Why our wear plate has such good wear resistance?

1. The overlay chemical composition is the key.

The main ingredients of Wodon plates are C(%) :3.0-5.0 and Cr(%):25-40.

This chemical proportion results in a large amount of Cr7C3 chrome carbide hard particles. The micro-hardness (up to HV1800) of these particles throughout the layer will guarantee a super wear resistant surface.

wear liner plate with hole01











Performance Test:

Test equipment: Quartz sand rubber wheel abrasion test machine.

Conditions: 1.  Choosing same dimension specimens for different materials and wear plate producers, and put them under the same wearing working conditions in our testing equipment.

                    2.  45 minutes for each specimen


                            45 minutes for each specimen

text result












2. Chromium carbide microstructure

The wear resistance of wear plate depends mostly on the hardness, shape, size, amount and distribution of the chromium carbide hard particles.

Metallographic structure 01

Metallographic structure 02


As you can check on the picture, the carbide (Cr7C3) volume fraction on the microstructure is above 50%.


3. Bonding strength between the overlay and base plate.

The overlay and base plate are very well bonding. The overlay will penetrate into base plate about 0.8mm-1.8mm, reaching up to 350Mpa in our tests.

02wear plate bendingx


03wear plate with bolts

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