Tianjin Wodon, known as a leading manufacturer of bimetal chromium carbide overlay welding wear plates and hardfacing cored welding wires, is to attend ELECTRA MINING AFRICA 2018 from 10th-14th in Sep.
Products on Display:
Submerge Arc welding CCO plates:  6+6 * 300*300mm   8+8 *100*100 embedded with thread 10+10mm*100*100mm and 12+12mm * 100*100mm
Open arc Welding CCO plates:  6+4mm*100*100mm

Hardfacing flux cored welding wire: WD161 2.8mm          WD788 1.6mm



Welcome to get in touch with us and looking forward to seeing you on the canton fair.

Our wear plates and welding wires could be applied in the follows areas:

1. construction machinery,
construction machinery and vehicles; construction machinery; lifting machinery and transportation equipment; construction equipment, tools, construction processing and concrete machinery; cement machinery; template scaffolding; construction site facilities; and all kinds of accessories; tools and so on.

2; mining products;
mining, mining equipment; geophysical prospecting, geochemical exploration, aerial surveying and remote sensing, surveying and mapping services, geological data processing, technical services: automation and information service companies, software development, data processing equipment, laboratory analysis instruments, instruments, and instruments.

3. mining equipment:
mining equipment, loading equipment, transportation equipment, lifting equipment, blasting equipment, construction machinery

4. mineral processing:
crushing grinding equipment, mine screening equipment, washing equipment,

5. safety and environmental protection:
ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, protective equipment and so on.

6. mining machinery and equipment;
scrapers, transport vehicles (cranes, conveyer belts, underground loaders and trucks, mine electric locomotive); open pit port technology; auxiliary machinery and equipment (compressor, diesel generator, underground fuel tanker, transportation equipment, rock crusher); mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal Tools, abrasives, diamond tools, process equipment, mining engineering ventilation, drilling technology and blasting materials, all kinds of pumps, etc.
7, material handling
- bulk loading and unloading equipment, forklift trucks, warehousing and material handling systems.
8. oil and gas related products – leading edge technology, machinery, equipment, supplies, services, etc.

9, electrical engineering – electrical engineering equipment and supplies.

10, industrial, engineering design and manufacturing

11, construction safety equipment and equipment.

11. power facilities, energy construction, generators and surrounding related issues.

Post time: Nov-17-2020