Tianjin Wodon Wear Resistant Material Co., Ltd, known as Tianjin Wodon, would attend Exponor 2019 held in Chile. This would be the second time to set foot in Chile. We’ve been in Chile in 2016.


Chile International Mining Exhibition is the most important and largest professional mining exhibition in Latin America (and the second largest mining machinery exhibition in the world). It is held every two years. The last exhibition was attended by more than 1000 enterprises from 38 countries and regions, including Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa and Brazil. The exhibition has 1641 exhibition spaces and 90,000 visitors. At the same time, the exhibition also held international symposiums in various fields of specialty and technology, which provided a good platform for enterprises to exchange and communicate. Chile is the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations with China, the first to support the restoration of the legitimate seat of the Government of the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations, the first to reach bilateral agreements with China on China’s accession to the WTO and the first to recognize China’s full market economy status. China and Chile are sincere friends and important partners. At present, the volume of bilateral trade between China and Chile has increased dramatically in recent years. Chile has become China’s third largest trading partner in Latin America. In terms of economic cooperation, China and Chile are also exploring and developing in depth. Our products are widely used in mining machinery, construction machinery, logistics and transportation equipment and other industries and have been recognized and praised by customers. It is hoped that by participating in the exhibition, we can further establish a good corporate image, display corporate brands, study local markets, develop potential target customers, expand the market share of enterprises, improve product competitiveness, establish good exchanges and cooperation relations with partners, enhance the influence and visibility of enterprises, generate more foreign exchange for the country and continuously promote the development of foreign trade. Exhibition.

Products on Display:

ONE, chromium carbide overlay bimetallic wear plate.


1, passed ASTM G65 Rubber Wheel Dry Sand Arabasion Tests.
2, C: 3.5- 6%; Cr: 25-40%;
3, our standard size: 1400*3500mm/ 2100*3500mm
4, Thickness: up to 26mm overlay.
5, Hardness: HRC 58-65

TWO,    flux cored welding wires.


Our wear plates and welding wires could be applied in the follows areas:

1. construction machinery,
construction machinery and vehicles; construction machinery; lifting machinery and transportation equipment; construction equipment, tools, construction processing and concrete machinery; cement machinery; template scaffolding; construction site facilities; and all kinds of accessories; tools and so on.

2; mining products;
mining, mining equipment; geophysical prospecting, geochemical exploration, aerial surveying and remote sensing, surveying and mapping services, geological data processing, technical services: automation and information service companies, software development, data processing equipment, laboratory analysis instruments, instruments, and instruments.

3. mining equipment:
mining equipment, loading equipment, transportation equipment, lifting equipment, blasting equipment, construction machinery

4. mineral processing:
crushing grinding equipment, mine screening equipment, washing equipment,

5. safety and environmental protection:
ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, protective equipment and so on.

6. mining machinery and equipment;
scrapers, transport vehicles (cranes, conveyer belts, underground loaders and trucks, mine electric locomotive); open pit port technology; auxiliary machinery and equipment (compressor, diesel generator, underground fuel tanker, transportation equipment, rock crusher); mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal Tools, abrasives, diamond tools, process equipment, mining engineering ventilation, drilling technology and blasting materials, all kinds of pumps, etc.
7, material handling- bulk loading and unloading equipment, forklift trucks, warehousing and material handling systems.
8. oil and gas related products – leading edge technology, machinery, equipment, supplies, services, etc.
9. electrical engineering – electrical engineering equipment and supplies.
10. industrial, engineering design and manufacturing
11. construction safety equipment and equipment.
12. power facilities, energy construction, generators and surrounding related issues.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Post time: Nov-17-2020