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Based on the Carbitex AFX platform, the new puncture-resistant technology makes its debut in the labor and utility market, with AFX Formed featured in running shoes.
Carbitex (Kennewick, WA, USA) is expanding its flexible AFX technology platform for athletic shoes with two carbon fiber innovations. AFX Anti-Puncture (AFX-AP) is designed to provide added protection in the workwear trade market, while AFX Formed focuses on high-performance athletic footwear built on the company’s AFX Asymmetric Flexible Technology Platform that works in one direction. upper and very flexible on the other.
Carbitex claims that its AFX-AP material is a high performance multilayer composite board. The company claims it is the only patented puncture-resistant plate with asymmetric flex that provides unsurpassed comfort by preventing over-flexion of the foot and exhibits high flex in the other direction for more ergonomic movement. Carbitex believes its latest material innovations have led to a paradigm shift in work footwear, empowering lighter work shoes that don’t require a heavy protective sole and provide superior safety, stability and all-day performance. Excellent performance. Passing global industry test standards (ASTM F2412-11, EN 12568:2010, CZA Z195-14), the AFX-AP is ideal for workers at increased risk for foot injuries commonly seen in construction, workwear and utilities.
For the athletic shoe market, Carbitex AFX Formed expands on the existing flexible AFX carbon sheet material with preformed corners to provide a responsive landing and more natural toe lift. AFX Formed is designed to provide walking flexibility that provides stability to improve performance over time and protect the foot to match the runner’s natural gait. Carbitex AFX Formed boards are custom made to suit the needs of each brand partner and shoe design.
“AFX has become the foundation of our offering. With the move to AFX Formed and AFX Puncture Resistant, we can leverage new business units and brands to improve performance, whether on construction sites or on marathon trails.” — Clark Morgan, VP Business Development and product development for customers at Carbitex said. “The expansion of our patented technology continues to bring new benefits to the footwear market, thereby transforming traditional ideas about how to create efficient and functional footwear.”
The AFX-AP is Carbitex’s first foray into the work and utility footwear market and will be available to brand partners from Fall 2022 with a market launch in Fall 2023.
The AFX Formed, like the Altra Vanish Carbon, will be available to consumers as early as Spring 2022, and in Fall 2022 in the Saucony Endorphin Edge, which will be released this summer.
Explains the ancient art of creating the industry’s first fiber-reinforced material and provides insight into new fiber science and future developments.
For composite applications, these hollow microstructures replace high volume with low weight and add many processing and product enhancement capabilities.
The transformation of precursors into carbon fibers is observed through careful (and mostly proprietary) manipulation of temperature and tension.

Post time: Aug-18-2022