Wear Plate Fabrication

The backing mild steel plate provides Wodon brand overlay plates with structural integrity, which makes our overlay plates fabricated with zero damage to welding overlay, regardless of the shape and complexity of the structure. Wodon has the capabilities to manufacture and further process such fabrications or to supply formed, read-to-go wear liners, all of which are widely used in mining industry, cement plants, steel mills, power plants, sugar industry, glasses and paper industries, etc.

Wodon overlay plates could be cut by plasma, waterjet, laser.Plasma cutting is the recommended method for cutting Wodon plate.

Studs Welding
Wodon plate can be fabricated with studs welded to backing of wear plate (M12, M16, M20 and M24).

Straight holes and countersunk holes.

Wodon wear plate can be welded and assembled into kinds of wear parts.